A Brief Guide to Create Your Own Rustic Kitchen

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If you are interested in either constructing a new or remodeling your existing one and transform it into a rustic kitchen, this article will be a great one to read. Today, we will share some tips to guide you in creating a kitchen in rustic style of yours by cuing the characteristics for this style, which are also reflected by rustic kitchen designs as well as rustic kitchen decor ideas.

Bring the outdoors in is always an essential theme of a rustic kitchen. Rustic design is mostly aligned with the area or region where you live. Therefore, bringing the outdoors in can make a wonderful way to establish rustic feel to your kitchen. Wood cabinets and hardwood floor which are sourced from the surrounding area are always a recommended choice. Match the interior paint color with the dominant colors of outdoor view within eyesight. The must-have colors to add into the palette are lighter blues, yellows, and oranges.

contemporary rustic kitchen interior lighting designs

As for the choice of wood materials, there are some recommended wood varieties that can match the rustic kitchen theme wonderfully. Hickory, cherry, and alder can work beautifully in the kitchen of this theme, but it seems like nothing can fare as well as pine when it comes to represent the charm of rustic style. Pine flooring ranges from deep orange to dark brown. It can also make a great material for cabinetry, kitchen island, and butcher block countertop. Its knotty detail is also one reason why it’s a wonderful choice for this design style.

However, wood isn’t the only natural material to incorporate in a rustic kitchen space. There are still many options worth considering and adding, such as stone, wrought iron, terra cotta, and clay. They can make an excellent and fascinating kitchen accessories and decor elements. Lastly, don’t forget to allow plenty of natural light in.

rustic kitchen with dark cabinets flooring and pendant lighting

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