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Breathtaking Beach Resort Design among the Rock

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The Idea of Beach Resort Design Concept

The magnificent beach resort design by utilizing the mountain stones area. The building is constructed among the rocks with synchronizing idea between the hotel and the surrounding circumstances. Placed on the higher place from the coastal area, this site becomes the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful view of ocean. Modern interior is presented with white color tone for bright nuance. Large wall from glass allows the guests enjoy the beautiful view from the mountain site. It is a perfect place to spend your time during the holiday with the natural atmosphere of the exterior and interior decoration.

The beach resort architectural design is utilizing the mountain site to be blended for the exterior design. Big stones are used for creating the stunning garden and courtyard with the idea of outdoor lounge. Similar color tone between building and stones is blended at the inclined area with the large glazed wall heading towards the ocean. Elegant natural swimming pool is placed with stone material as the edge and side yard. Placed on the higher ground, it heads to the beautiful landscape of the ocean for giving a relaxation while we are swimming. Many outdoor lounges are designed with glazed fenced on the higher floor to give the unlimited scenery.

Beach Resort Design Concept

Living area in open plan is surrounded by glazed wall for enjoying the ocean and mountain stones. Compact living placed is designed in modern color tone of pale color. Comfortable sofas and lounge chairs are accommodated with the magnificent view of outdoor. Indoor lounge with comfortable sofas is placed at the corner of the glazed wall for giving the flying experience. Bedroom is designed in naturalist touch with the stones wall. White bed, white side table, and black table lights are combined for giving the modern naturalist idea. Bathroom and powder room in modernity by using white color tone as the sinks, bathtub, and wall. Translucent wall is used for separating the powder room and shower room. When the night comes, the existence of spotlights enhances the mesmerizing appearance for both the exterior and interior decoration.

The beautiful building of the coastal resort brings the unforgettable experience of spending your holiday at coastal area. The dry atmosphere of the rocks uphill is transformed to be a stunning place for enjoying the landscape. Synchronizing idea between the rocks and the building emerges the natural experience when we are in there. Ecological experience really fulfills us with the stunning ocean landscape and gutsy mountain stones. The idea of beach resort design concept above can be your appropriate choice to choose the best place to spend your holiday time with beautiful view of rocks and ocean.

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