Easy and Smart Tips to Create Your Modern Green Kitchen

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The modern green kitchen we are going to discuss today is not about modern green kitchen color. In fact, it is about how to create an environmentally friendly kitchen if you are interested in going green for your lifestyle. To create your own modern green kitchen design, we have some tips to guide you. Check them out!

Pay attention to your kitchen appliances. In a modern green kitchen, a significant difference on the energy-efficiency as a whole can be achieved because many largest appliances in households are placed here, such as dishwasher and refrigerator. Always buy only Energy Star-rated kitchen appliances that are already proven to be more efficient in consuming energy. Control the amount of water consumed for daily activities in kitchen by installing foot pedal-activated faucets or sensor faucets. Even better, both options don’t require you to touch the sink handle, minimizing the health risk due to the spread of germ.

modern green wall kitchen with white cabinets

Start composting your food waste from now. If you have the luxury of outdoor space or backyard, you can learn how to compost with many online resources available. You can also create your own modern green kitchen by composting indoors with compact composter if you don’t have outdoor space. And minimize the number of food waste your kitchen produced too! You may often find foods that are already expired, hidden and stashed on the back side of refrigerator. Regularly check for expiration dates and those which are nearing should be placed in, for instance, “Eat Me First” box.

Pay careful attention to your cookware too. A modern green kitchen ideally has the safe and eco-friendly cookware, especially the non-stick one such as all-clad aluminum options. Alternatively, consider cast iron cookware—it may be old-fashioned, but many professional cooks favor them. And rather than using tin foil and plastic wrap that will end up as waste, consider using reusable glass containers to store leftovers. They are highly practical to use and can last you a lifetime.

small kitchen ideas with modern green cabinets

9 Photos of the Easy and Smart Tips to Create Your Modern Green Kitchen

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