A Garden inside the House
graphic A Garden inside the House

Glass Stained Windows for Amusing Rectangular Shaped Residence

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How to Design Amazing Glass Stained Windows

Recently, Office Twentyfive Architects was completed the design of Casa Familiar with rectangular shaped and stained glass windows. This house located in Gerakas, and become popular because of the shape. This house is surrounded by residence designed in private design and it is equipped with best room’s small land with no form to the north that soon will become a public park.

Look at the pictures! You can clearly see the shape of the house in that picture. This rectangular shaped house plans dominant with white colors for the exterior walls combined with big stained glass windows and cedar wood in the windows area. The back of this house is open towards a courtyard and the greenery. There is not many decorations in front of the house, just some small plants in the pots and a small pine tree.

The side garden is connected with the back yard. Both yard has some orange trees and filled with grass. There is also a garden inside the house, near the staircase. There is one again, a garden near the atrium. There are many plants that become decorations in every place in the house such as living room, dining room, family room, etc. From the dining room, you can see some small pine trees lined up neatly in the back yard.

Stained Glass Windows Definition

The house has simple color such as grey and white for living room and dining room. Meanwhile, the bed room has classic and relaxing atmosphere with wood color and bulb lightings. There is also a modern fire place in the living room to keep the house warm. This house full with glass windows, and has many gardens inside and outside the house. So you can see the nature views in every room in the house. The rectangular shaped floor house plans with the stained glass windows definition make you want to live there, won’t you? It is so interesting to live in this kind of house.

Gallery of Glass Stained Windows for Amusing Rectangular Shaped Residence

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