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Glass Windows Styles for Amazing Modern Residence

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This Modern Architecture Design With The Glass Windows Styles

This modern residence which applies the glass windows styles is not called House Blurring Boundaries without reasons. The amazing feature of the house manages to blend the residents with its surrounding nature. It would give the impression of living under the sky, rather than inside of your own house. However, this house still maintains the elegance and luxury on its design. Located in Bogota, Colombia, the house was designed by Arquitectura en Estudio. Since it is located on the suburban area, the house is surrounded by amazing scenery too.

The house has L-shaped building with an infinity pool in the middle. The modern residence plans consist of one story building surrounding the outdoor swimming pool. It has a flat roof instead of the pitched one in order to sustain the natural impression. The house’s facade is covered by glass windows styles in all over the place, enabling the residents to enjoy the beauty view of mountains and green vegetation surrounding the house. Some part of the house is also covered by wooden slats to cover the bedroom.

Glass Windows Styles Design

Let’s take a look at the house’s outer part, as it has outdoor living room on the pool side. The outdoor living has a wooden floor. It is complemented with dining table surrounded by dining chairs. On the edge of the room, we could also find L-shaped sofa. This entire room is covered by wooden roof. However, it does not have exterior wall. From this part of the house, the residents could enjoy the Mountain View and the pool view.

The house’s inner part is more than just amazing. Every part of the house is directly connected with the outdoor. The living room, for example, has folding doors made of wooden materials. When this door is opened, there are no more boundaries which limit the living room and the backyard. It goes the same with the bedroom. Although it is entirely covered by wooden doors, you could simply open it and you will get a semi-open bedroom. This modern architecture design with the glass windows styles would surely spoil the residents with holiday impression all year long.

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