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Grey Concrete Floor for Enchanting House Playa Concept

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Minimalist House Grey Concrete Floor

There is a great design of a minimalist house which is built at small hill by applying house playa ideas with grey concrete floor. House playa is developed to make a minimalist house to have such enchanting effect for exterior decoration. House playa is mostly used trapezoid house concept because trapezoid concept is very unique compared to other house concept. Trapezoid concept is mostly applied for exterior ceiling. Thus, for folded floor plan, trapezoid is the best option since a minimalist house will have such great design as a minimalist house. Moreover, house playa is built at small hill so that outside scenery can be captures directly from front yard.

Most of trapezoid house playa ideas with grey concrete floor are made by assembling rustic stone for main foundation so that house playa will be so sturdy. Even more, rustic stone is not pounded by any cement or other substances so that it will make exterior design for house playa becomes very enchanting. Most of house playa is also painted in white color so that it will look so adorable. Pure white makes a house playa becomes very enchanting since white color shows any flawless of a concrete wall.

Grey Concrete Floor Ideas

For interior design of house playa, modern furnishings are best option since it will be so suitable to rustic concrete wall and also transparent glass panel which is installed along with sliding glass door. Grey concrete floor will also very enchanting because it reflects strong impression of house playa. Moreover, house ceiling is made from white pounded concrete wall. Thus, house playa has very enchanting appearance for both exterior and interior.

In addition, adding some natural elements for interior design of house playa will make a house playa becomes so comfy to be used as living place. Tropical trees are the most suitable plants which can be assembled along with modern and minimalist furnishings at interior design of house playa. Thus, living in minimalist house with the grey concrete floor for trapezoid house playa ideas at small hill installed for main house concept must be very magnificent

Gallery of Grey Concrete Floor for Enchanting House Playa Concept

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