Installation Guides for Kitchen Base Cabinets from Wood

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Before installing your kitchen base cabinets, make sure your kitchen flooring is level. If it isn’t, you need to find highest floor point along your wall where you’re going to install the base kitchen cabinets with drawers. You must try starting the installation of base cabinet as close to the highest point. Before you start installing your kitchen base cabinets, measure the cabinets first. Next, use your pencil to mark your kitchen wall’s level line from the highest point on your kitchen floor to base cabinet’s height.

To ease you in making horizontal line from kitchen flooring’s highest point and the top of base cabinet, you can use level. Next, locate the studs and mark them along the line on the walls of your kitchen. To locate the studs you can use stud finder. Now try to fit one of your kitchen base cabinets into the place on the wall and then check the level. If necessary, you can shim the corner wall kitchen cabinets until they are level.

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Next step to install your kitchen base cabinets is pre-drilling the piece of top framing into your wall studs. And then secure your base cabinets to their place using screws. After securing each kitchen base cabinet, you need to re-check the level. To install the entire base cabinets in your kitchen, repeat the steps above. Now attach your base cabinet doors and the other hardware.

It is good to install the doors of your kitchen base cabinets after the entire cabinets are installed on the wall so that you will not damage the door when you’re trying to install the base cabinets together with the doors. Don’t you think installing base cabinets is easy? If you think our guides and tips here are helpful, you may want to share them and let the others know about them.

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