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Laundry Room Closet in Luxurious Apartment Design

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The Laundry Room Closet Offers Simplicity and Luxury

Located in 737 Park Avenue, New York, the apartment design will give you the luxurious style of living because of its laundry room closet. It gives many benefits to the residents as it is only steps away from the famous Central Park. The strategic location and the modern building have required the Handel Architects to work together with Poliform and Varenna to create a comfortable apartment room which could take up to two persons.

When you live in this apartment, you will also be provided by several communal activity centers such as gym, outdoor garden, a laundry room closet, as well as a children’s room. It would be such a benefit for those who have been very busy in the office as once you are home, you do not need to travel to faraway places in order to do your other business. They all have been accommodated within the apartment. The particular apartment design plans that we are going to look at only have one main activity room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

Laundry Room Closet Doors

Let’s start with the activity room. This room merges living room, dining, room, and kitchen into one place. The floor is covered by marble wood flooring. Each room has different kind of rugs to cover the floor. The dining room, for example, has a geometric rug placed under the dining set. The dining set has a glass dining table as surrounded by wooden dining chairs. This set is enlightened by hanging lamp and candles on top of the table. This house is also equipped with a study room placed next to the living room.

Let’s move to the bedroom. Its floor is also made of marble wood as combined with soft rug placed under the bed. The king-sized bed is placed in the center of the room, as accompanied by modern end table. The bedroom is equipped with wall-mounted counters and cabinets placed across the bed. It also has blue lounge chairs placed on the corner of the room. This apartment interior design which applies the laundry room closet offers simplicity and luxury at the same time. (Also read about: Outdoor Classroom Project with Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench)

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