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Minimalistic Home Architecture with Extreme Rectangular Shape

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This Perfect Minimalistic Home Architecture

One of the characteristic of modern housing design is its minimalism and this minimalistic home architecture will show you how does it looks. There are so many nice minimalist home designs that we can find out there, and one of them is this Casa 34. This stunning minimalist home design is created by Izquierdo Lehmann Architects and it is located in a very beautiful area of Rupanca, Chile. When we heard the word minimalist, we will expect something small and very simple architectural engineering, but not with this one. Although it is has very simple architectural shape, it is not a small home and it is indeed not a house that can be created by using architectural engineering 101.

There will be so many greatness that we can find in this wonderful minimalistic home architecture and one of those greatness is, of course, coming from the architectural structure of this house. It is a simple rectangular shape house with imbalance comparison between the sides, it looks narrow. Well, that is actually that become the architectural characteristic that we can find in this incredible minimalistic home design and make it become so special.

Minimalistic Home Architecture Design

The inner part of this perfect minimalist home design is also the one that worth to be discuss. Although this house is categorized as an adorable minimalist home design, there is nothing minimalist in the inner side of the house. It uses modern elegant space design that will provide you with quality of elegancies. It can be seen in its selection of material and furniture that use in this superb modern interior design.

That was few things about the gorgeous minimalist home design called the Casa 34 in Rupance, Chile.  The minimalistic home architecture like this one is something that will make somebody able to have an outstanding living experience, indeed.

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