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Modern Attic Apartment with Room Divider for Interior Design

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The Ideas of Modern Attic Apartment

Several people hate living in the  due to many issues. Living in the attic would be less comfortable as the residents could only have limited space. Besides, since the attic is located on the top of the building, it would receive much heat from the sun. It is good when the winter comes. But it would be awful when the sun approaches the northern hemisphere. But the residents of this attic do not need to worry as the designer has provided them with comfortable room.

Since the house only has one main room, it could only accommodate a young couple. Besides, living in a modern attic apartment means that the residents have already prepared themselves from the undivided rooms. Let’s see at the apartment design! It incorporates a bedroom, living room, dining room, and a kitchen all in one place. It is only a matter of furniture placement which makes the room still spacious enough.

Modern Attic Apartment Ideas

The apartment floor is covered in laminated wood floor. It is combined with concrete wall painted in white to keep the room’s spacious impression. The room’s ceiling is also painted in white, but it shows several wooden accents which do not only serve as ceiling supports but also room divider. The bed is placed on the corner of the house. It has wall-integrated closet placed next to the bed. The bedroom is decorated by paintings placed behind the bed.

The living room is placed across the glass windows so that the residents could receive much light. The furniture in this room has the combination of black and white color. The residents place dining table across the living room’s couch. It is only a table for two as it has a small dining table and two chairs. Kitchen is placed on the other corner of the room. It employs all-white kitchen counters and cabinets as combined by ceramic tile covering the wall. The ideas of modern attic apartment have proven that a limited space shall not be boundaries to creativity.

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