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Modern Cafe Concept with Amazing Lighting Ideas

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This is Special Room Modern Cafe Concept

If you want to get unforgettable dinner, you can go to Eskada Club Porto, modern cafe concept. What will you get after reaching this cafe? You can get comfortable sensation in this place, because this cafe is designed with some futuristic furniture designs which make you feel so comfort. Futuristic idea is brought by AAMD. It was applied into interior and exterior cafe design. Even, some parts are completed with amazing lighting. You will feel satisfy after seeing the pictures here, because you get new inspiration.

We can start by seeing the pictures in the exterior cafe. This building applies elegant modern café concept with elegant facade. There are two fresh pools are created in the right and left side of the bridge. This bridge has constructed with wooden flooring. There are glass handrails in this bridge. See, in there are two white earthenware models near the bridge. Then, some white bean bags are putted on the floor. Some white cushions are putted on the long wooden stage.

Modern Cafe Concept Ideas

Let’s go to interior house. This is special room with amazing lighting. This room is covered with white curtain in LED lighting system. You can see black glossy cabinet in this room. There is monitor screen in the corner of the cabinet. In the corner of the room is the floor lamp. Then, there are white black armchairs and small table in this room. Actually, this room has glass flooring which can make you can see the pool under this floor. It is excited place right?
Then, see the appearance of the wine rack. These racks adhere on the wall. It is art wall, the combination between good art and LED light. In front of the racks is white cabinet. Under the cabinet are lamps. These ideas of modern cafe concept make you so elegant.

Gallery of Modern Cafe Concept with Amazing Lighting Ideas

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