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Modern Villa Concept with Perfect Design

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This Lovely Modern Villa Concept

Since villa is always become one of the most selected holiday destinations, there so many designers that continuously created modern villa concept for the tourist and one of those outstanding modern villa designs is this Hill Villa. This superb modern villa designs is located in the rock hill of Velkua, Naantali, Finland. This nice modern villa design is created Huttunen–Lipasti–Pakkanen Architects and it is probably one of the vest villa designs that you can find right now. This great modern villa design is located in a very beautiful location and it has an outstanding architectural design, what else do you need? Don’t you get all you need for villa from this outstanding modern villa design?

There are so many great things that we can find in this lovely modern villa concept and one of them is the location. When we talk about a villa, one of many things that make it special is the location where it lies. Villa is not like an ordinary residence, which you can create anywhere you want, it is something that has be created in a special location.  As for this incredible modern villa design, it located in rocky mountain of Naantali that provides incredible scenery. It has both the view the sea and the sky horizon of Naantali, isn’t that amazing?

Small Modern Villa Concept

As for the architectural design, this perfect modern villa design has something that will amaze all of, the unique modern architectural creation.  The roof is directly connected with deck overlooking the sea. This deck is the place where you can spend you beautiful afternoon enjoying the sunset of Naantali.

With all of those beautiful elements, this gorgeous modern villa design is indeed the villa that can be categorized as one of the best in the world. The modern villa concept like this one in Naantali is indeed something that will give an unforgettable holiday.

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