Oak Kitchen Cabinets Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages Oak Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

If you are having plan on updating or remodeling your kitchen appearance, you must think about the kitchen cabinets. What will you choose? Will you choose wooden cabinets made of oak? Well, actually it can be considerable, but you have to know about advantages and disadvantages of oak kitchen cabinets before you decide to update oak cabinet kitchen.

Talking about the advantages first, you must know that oak kitchen cabinets are very durable, even highly durable. Oak is a wind that is not right lasts for a period. But, it is literally for generations to originate. Then, when you are purchasing compartment shapely oak furnishing, it means you are purchasing an inheritance for the descent that becomes a portion of folk history. Oak cabinets are also water resistant. The, oak cabinets have traditional look that makes it still attractive as the time goes and passes.

wooden kitchen cabinets decoration

Oak kitchen cabinets ideas

Other advantage of oak kitchen cabinets ideas is that oak cabinets have so many color options. If you choose natural or solid oak kitchen cabinets, there would be many variations of color starting from light tan to dark red. It also includes pink, brown in between, and beige. What makes it various in the color options is the existence of shellacs and stains that exist in color finishing.

Now we move to the disadvantage. The most negative side of oak kitchen cabinets is that it has the distinctive grain. It is even perceived as the most often-cited of oak cabinets. The open grain is exposed so it will show through any finish. If you have oak cabinets for your kitchen and you want to sell your home, the value will not be so high because oak wood is not more expensive than other wood materials. The last advantage is that oak is traditional look, so it won’t be suitable for modern kitchen design or Avante Garde kitchen.

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wooden kitchen cabinets decoration

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