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Outdoor Classroom Project with Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench

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Welcome To The Outdoor Classroom Project

Have you ever studied in an outdoor classroom project? Well, if you haven’t you might want to step into the University of Minnesota as it now has an outdoor classroom. By outdoor, it means that the classroom is actually located in the middle of the garden. It does not have any roof, or walls. Therefore the students could learn directly from the nature whenever needed. Designed by David Salmela, the Bagley Outdoor Classroom would give students a totally different impression of studying.

Some people might feel both bored and sleepy while studying inside the room. They only need to grab some fresh air, as they said. Therefore, the university requested the architect to create a beautiful outdoor classroom project so that the students could not only grab some air for a while. Instead, they could enjoy the airy design during the whole period of class. This would benefit both students and their lecturers.

Outdoor Classroom Project Ideas

The outdoor class is divided into two parts of room. The first one is the outdoor class which is built on top of a green grass. It has a ceramic tile. Both of its ends are decorated by wood storage. The students would normally be allowed to sit on the floor. However, the university provides reclaimed wood bench in case there is a student with special needs. Surrounded by trees, this outdoor classroom could be used for biology, geography, or physical education lessons.

Let’s take a look at the other part of the outdoor class. It is called the semi-outdoor classroom. The classroom is, indeed, located under a roof. However, its facade is covered by glass panel as combined with wooden frame. This classroom has ceramic tile flooring and wooden ceiling. Many lamps are hung on the ceiling to provide lighting when it gets dark. Both indoor and outdoor classroom project provide the students in terms of receiving lesson better.

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