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Paved Stone Driveway for Elegant Exterior Residence Design Ideas

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House Near Paved Stone Driveway

This time, you have a chance to see the appearance of a project with modern residence design ideas which apply paved stone driveway. We will show you exterior appearance of this project. It is good exterior, because Scene Architecture Office who has created this project combined good modern residence with some trees. This great house is located in Shanghai, China. Even though it is in China, but the architect applied European design. Anyway, this is a bookstore which can give good reference for good residence.

Do you want to see closer? Please see these pictures. This architect chose white as the theme for this residence. This is white residence frame. Then, glass windows become good wall for first level. In front of the house is white oak flooring with fresh garden. The garden is designed with green lawn. Then, in the outdoor white concrete fence are many trees. They are fresh trees. These trees give fresh atmosphere for the modern residence design. Because of this house near the paved stone driveway, this bookstore can be reached easily.

Paved Stone Driveway Cost

In the backyard, there is long deck. This deck has no furniture designs. As long as you can see is oak flooring. It is large flooring. But, by standing in this deck, you can see outside view. That is very beautiful scenery view of trees. You can let the fresh air touching your face. It will be wonderful experience which can be got from a bookstore. If you love it, you can adopt this idea into your house. You can enjoy fresh air in every single day.

See, in the interior designs. There are glass windows in the right and left side of building. This building has simple stair with grey stair treads and blue railing. This bookstore has completely with modern idea. That’s why it is good modern residence architecture with the paved stone driveway for your residence.

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