Popular Modern Kitchen Countertop Materials Worth Considering

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Modern Kitchen Countertop Materials

Are you planning to update the countertop surface in your kitchen? Consider these modern kitchen countertop materials that are currently trending among kitchen designers. These modern kitchen countertop ideas provide you the attention-worthy alternatives to traditional granite and marble, thus making them not the only modern kitchen countertop design you can consider installing. Well, without further ado, let’s check them out!

What about concrete for modern kitchen countertop ideas? Poured concrete countertops are strong, stylish, and timeless in appearance. They provide the natural and organic look. Even so, to prevent staining, regular sealing is required. Sealed concrete countertops can be casted and poured in any shape you like. You can tint poured concrete to show any color you desire. Remember that even though concrete is naturally heat resistant, the sealer is not. Therefore, don’t put hot pans and pots directly on top of the surface.

small kitchen ideas with modern stainless steel countertops

Butcher block may be more suitable with farmhouse kitchen feel, but it doesn’t mean it cannot make its own way to stand out in modern kitchen countertop. In fact, just like concrete, butcher block can provide the timeless look that is also warm and elegant. Maintenance is required to care for the soft surfaces, but it doesn’t take up significant amount of time. Sealing and oiling once a moth are necessary to maintain butcher block, otherwise the wood can dry or crack.

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Soapstone is a modern kitchen countertop ideas alternative to natural stone surface. The softer surface is quarried like granite, but generally sturdier as soapstone contains more quartz. Naturally, the color is gray that darkens as the stone ages. And just like stainless steel, soapstone countertop isn’t impervious to scratches and dents, making it a great choice even for high-traffic kitchen. If you spot scratches, this issue can be addressed by oiling or sanding them away.

modern marble countertop and backsplash for kitchen

9 Photos of the Popular Modern Kitchen Countertop Materials Worth Considering

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