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Red Cushions for Sofa in Lima Modern House Design

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Red Cushions for Sofa in This House

Street House is good reference for you who want to create modern exterior and interior house especially there are red cushions for sofa. Modern home concept is most favorite house in the world, because the people want to live in high classy house style. Besides, the modern home gives up to date concept which make the owners feel that they are up to date in house style. If you interest in this house, please see this project through the pictures here.

This project will be shown through these pictures in this page. They show exterior and interior house plans. See, the house which is located in Lima, Peru. Seinfeld Arquitectos combined white concrete wall with wooden material. In the front house there are swimming pool and green yard. It is good combination. See the porch then. There are white sofa and table. The sofa has completed with red cushions for sofa. In the right and left side of this sofa are green plants on the white vase.

Best Red Cushions for Sofa

Then, see the living space. This is created near the terrace. There are white sofas and armchairs as seats in this living space. In the middle of them is the glossy table. Some colorful cushions are putted on the sofas. This table stands on white carpet. The other furniture designs stand on oak flooring. This room has glass transparent windows and glass sliding door.

Move to the kitchen then. This white cabinet has designed with red countertop. This is charming cabinet. Above this cabinet are pendant lamps. Next to this cabinet is white chair. You can enjoy your drink in this chair. Both of the cabinet and chair stand on the white tile flooring. Move to other space, there is bridge. Then, there are some stairs in this house. These stairs are designed with white stairs with grey metal guardrails. The modern exterior and interior house design ideas which apply the red cushions for sofa in this house will be yours.

Gallery of Red Cushions for Sofa in Lima Modern House Design

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