Refinish Kitchen Cabinets for Interior Improvement Project

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To refinish kitchen cabinets, you do not always have to spend your fortune. In fact, you can do the project as a refinish kitchen cabinets DIY one, which can save you extra expense from labor. It is a relatively easy project you can finish, even though this does take quite a while. Refinishing, in the end, is a great way to refresh the look of your kitchen with real-wood look as shown by many refinish kitchen cabinets ideas and cabinet paint cannot get.

The right tools and some elbow grease are everything you need to refinish kitchen cabinets of yours. Start the project by gathering all supplies you need. Once you have collected all of them, remove the cabinet and drawer fronts, handles, and other hardware. It’s recommended to label each of them in accordance with the location on cabinet boxes to make reassembly easier.

refinish kitchen cabinets decorating modern

The next step is sanding off the existing cabinet finish thoroughly to guarantee the clean, beautiful, and professional look once your refinish kitchen cabinets project is done. Electric hand sander with heavier grit sandpaper is required for the first sanding. Use a damp rag or tack cloth to wipe all the dust particles. You need to sand again with finer sandpaper to have the wood prepared for staining.

With a rag, rub the stain into the wood. Go along with the grain as you apply the stain. It’s to permeate the pores, allowing for the much deeper saturation. Remember that stain will darken when it dries; the more coats of stain applied, the darker it will appear as you’re done to refinish kitchen cabinets. When you buy stain, you can either buy one with a polyurethane finish already mixed to protect the wood or buy them separately; make sure they work well together and are compatible for desired result.

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9 Photos of the Refinish Kitchen Cabinets for Interior Improvement Project

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