Simple Small Kitchen Refacing Project for Do It Yourselfers

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Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets with the new cabinets, it is more cost effective to re-face your current kitchen cabinets. When you’re doing small kitchen refacing on your kitchen cabinets, you first need to remove the entire doors, moldings, drawer fronts, hinges, and the other stuff that will bother you to re-face your cabinets. If you’re about to replace the boxes of cabinet drawers, you must remove both the drawer boxes and drawer glides.

Now, you’re ready to start your DIY kitchen refacing project. Use 120 grit papers to 150 grit paper to sand your cabinets. Orbital sander will be ideal to reface your kitchen cabinets. Use acetone or the other solvent to wipe your cabinets down. Acetone or the other solvent will help you to remove residues that are caused by topcoat, sandpaper, or glue. Those solvents will help you cleaning your cabinets and finish your small kitchen refacing project successfully.

simple simple kitchen refacing design model

Next, apply re-facing trim to your kitchen cabinets. Start with the vertical pieces and make sure you use material which has same width with the stile you’ll face. After you complete installing vertical pieces, continue the small kitchen refacing step by cutting horizontal pieces to fit them to your cabinets. You can stick those pieces to your cabinets using 3M spray adhesive. Just spray the face of your cabinets before you stick the pieces’ back to stick them. You need to wait for four minutes before applying the pieces.

After all, continue your small kitchen refacing project by installing the side veneers or panels of your cabinets. And then install the drawer glides before you install the drawer boxes. Unpack the doors before you install all the hinges. And then hang cabinet doors before you install drawer fronts. Install the crown molding and finish your project by installing the finished cabinet bottoms. Why re-facing cabinets instead of replacing them? Because kitchen refacing cost is much lower than replacing kitchen cabinets.

simple simple kitchen refacing design model

9 Photos of the Simple Small Kitchen Refacing Project for Do It Yourselfers

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