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Stylish Modern Villa for Outstanding Living Place Design

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What a Nice Modern Villa

This modern villa is fit for you who love luxurious yet stylish design. This can be the best choice for your outstanding living place. This villa also has outstanding lake view that creates relaxing feeling for you. This place also suitable for you busy people who doesn’t have much time to take a vacation. Read this following article for further reviews about this villa design.

The exterior design of this villa is dominated by wooden material, stone, and also glass. This villa consists of two floors. It has brown wooden wall which has huge glass wall. This villa also has black stone roof that makes the villa appearance looks amazing. It also has many pillars that bring stunning effect. This villa also has wooden balcony. It has glass railing that makes you can face the lake view. In this balcony are also situated two beach chairs that perfect can be the perfect spot to enjoy the lake panorama. What a nice modern villa design!

Modern Villa Interior Design

The interior design also looks awesome. It has wooden floor which is combined with white wall. The living space has black fur couch which is located faces to the modern fireplace that patched on the white wall. The living room is also completed by simple black coffee table that looks chic for this room. Modern black floor lamp is situated in the side of the black couch. It can accompany your reading time at night. Behind the living room is located movie room. It has white TV cabinet which is patched on the wall. In front of the wall is located green fur carpet that is covered the wooden floor.

The kitchen space looks fabulous located in the corner of the room. It has white glossy kitchen cabinet. In front of it is located white glossy kitchen cabinet which looks so fancy. The dining space is located next to the kitchen space. It has black table which is combined with black simple chairs. So far, do you adore this modern villa design plan for your outstanding living place design.

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