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Wall Garden Planter for Amazing HotelExterior and Interior Ideas

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The Wall Garden Planter From This Hotel

The combination between fresh and unique as exterior and interior ideas with wall garden planter is applied into the perfectly. Do you know what the building it is? This is PARKOYAL Hotel? Do you know where this hotel? This house is built in Singapore. This great country has people with high class lifestyle. That’s why this hotel is designed for high class lifestyle. WOHA is one of famous architect created this hotel by combining fresh and unique ideas. Finally, this architect has completed this hotel with highly modern architecture.

Let’s see these pictures of that hotel. You will see exterior and interior decorations. We know that Singapore is good city. This hotel is located in central city. It is in the middle of roads. Even though this hotel is in the central city, but WOHA applied wall garden planter and some green plants around this hotel. It is extremely awesome. This building has many long decks which are for plant area. They are so green. It cheers up the exterior hotel appearance.

Wall Garden Planter Lowes

Now, you can see the appearance of first level. Some cars are passing this place. See, there are white columns standing under the building. Then, this place has false ceiling. It is unique ceiling ever. But, it is so elegant. Let’s go inside the house then. There are some chairs which are putted along the hall. These chairs stand on the oak flooring. You can have a seat while seeing the pool view.

Move to the restaurant. Some wooden tables and metal chairs are putting on this room. Some cutlery sets are putted on the tables. All of these furniture designs stand on the black tile flooring. Now, let’s go to private room, bedroom. There is white bed in this room. Then, the white bathtub is in the corner of the room. You can get much amazing exterior and interior designs with the wall garden planter from this hotel.

Gallery of Wall Garden Planter for Amazing HotelExterior and Interior Ideas

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