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Wood Ceiling Design in Staggering Modern Villa Architecture

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This House Plan Wood Ceiling Design

If you have been dreaming of having your own villa design especially the one which applies the wood ceiling design, let’s take a look at the Skeppsholmen. The villa located in Sweden would give you different impression of spending your holiday. Located in a peaceful area, this offers you with the combination of nature and beautiful home design. From its outer part, you might think that there is nothing special with the villa. However, as the old saying says, don’t judge book by its cover.

From the house’s outer part, you can see that the house is covered by the combination of wood and glass panel such as for the wood ceiling design. The dark wood gives rustic impression towards the house’s outer part. This villa design plans comprises of two story building. The first story has kitchen, dining room, living room, and a study room. Meanwhile, the second floor consists of two bedrooms and bathroom. This house plan is designed in order to separate the communal and private activities of the household.

Wood Ceiling Design Living Room

Let’s take a look inside the living room. Once entering the house, you’ll be greeted by the laminated wood floor employed in the first floor. The living room itself is covered by concrete inner wall. It is also combined with several glass windows which enable the residents to enjoy the outside scenery of the house. In the corner of living room, we could find a traditional fire place painted in all-white accent. The living room is also beautifully decorated by large paintings attached on the wall.

Wooden stairs would send us to the upper floor. In this part of the house you will be able to find bedrooms and bathroom. The bedroom is composed of concrete wall, laminated wood floor, and food ceiling. The main bedroom has glass doors which connect us to the small terrace. The bathroom, however, employs a wooden accent by employing wooden bathroom counters. This villa interior design with its wood ceiling design chooses unfurnished wooden furniture in order to create more natural impression.

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