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Wooden Wall Installation for Simple Wooden Home Plan

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Simple Houses Wooden Wall Installation

The minimalist space gives a hope for you to create simple wooden home plan which applies wooden wall installation. Please don’t give up. You can create good house with cozy atmosphere in the simple house. One of many simple houses which give cozy sensation is House Weinfelden. An architect has created this house with high inspiration ideas. Do you want to know this house appearance? If yes, you can see these pictures below.

Related to these statements, there are some pictures for showing this project appearance. The house has constructed with wooden material. It can be seen from the exterior house. This house has created with the wooden wall installation. Some windows are applied into some parts in this house. This house is located in the sliding lot. But, K_m Architektur built this wooden house plan design near paved road. Hopefully, you will like this exterior house design.

Wooden Wall Installation Design

The exterior house is nice. Let’s go to the inside house. You can find some furniture designs which can make you feel comfort in this house. Let’s find them in the living space first. There are white sofa with striped cushions, cow printed chair and table. This space has modern fireplace. You know, this space applies oak flooring and wooden ceiling. It seems nice with some white accents and furniture. Then, behind this fireplace is table set. The black sofa and white chairs are standing in the right and left side of wooden table.

Before seeing floor plans, see the bedroom first. This bedroom can be used for the man or girl because this room design is neutral. The white mattress with white pillows and white blanket are putted on this room. In the corner of the room is floor lamp. Like the other room, this bedroom applies brown and white color combination. You can get more timber wood house plans with the wooden wall installation in the floor plan pictures.

Gallery of Wooden Wall Installation for Simple Wooden Home Plan

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